Chateau de Lacquy

酒莊建築本來只是夏季避暑住宅,一直都沒有人住直至 Maurice Marquis de Boisséson 於 1939 年為了逃避德國入侵而送了整個家族來到。他於 1940 年的戰亂中喪命,但他妻子 Françoise de Greling 則一直留在該處直至戰爭完結。

酒莊真正擁有者 Jean-Vianney de Boisséson 伯爵父母,才是第一批於 Lacquy 內居住的人,於七十年代起即努力提升雅文邑的地方。

Gilles de Boisséson 伯爵和妻子 Véronique,現在負責和兒子一起管理酒莊,也繼續和多名兒子繼續按九個世代以來的標準釀製下去。

The estate was a summer residence and stayed inhabited until Maurice, Marquis de Boisséson sent his family there in 1939 to escape a possible German invasion.
He was killed at war in May 1940 but his wife Françoise de Greling settled permanently
there until the end of the war.
The parents of the actual owner, the Count Jean-Vianney de Boisséson and his wife, were the first to live permanently at Lacquy from the 70’s and dedicated themselves
to the repute of its Armagnac.
The Count Gilles de Boisséson and his wife Véronique, are now in charge of the estate and continue with their sons what had been started by nine previous generations.