Raul Bobet's Winery Tour

July 29, 2015

Raul Bobet 的西班牙酒莊 Castell d’Encus 舉辦了專為他們支持者而設的活動,這群朋友先在由發酵缸包圍的酒窖內享用美酒和芝士,其後更走到戶外欣賞星光,分享了一個美麗的晚上。活動充滿自然感覺,絕對符合 Raul Bobet 和 Castell d’Encus 風格!

Raul Bobet and his Castell d’Encus organised a special event designed for their supporters. People from their friend’s club tasted wine and cheese surrounded by fermentation tanks in the cellar, and they went out to enjoy the starlight in the sky. Such a beautiful evening they shared, such a natural feel that is very Raul Bobet and Castell d’Encus !