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Maria del Mar是陳年了36個月的Gran Reserva,由Xarel.lo、Macabeo、Parellada 和 Chardonnay精明地調合釀製,每款葡萄分別釀製基酒,有很多比例的Xarel.lo於橡木桶發酵,加強了複雜度,令此酒更加吸引,它會在一場正統宴會中展現光芒,令不少專業飲家著迷,成為所有盛事的焦點,是感官的奢侈。


於Upper Penedès及Central Penedès的特別區域種植和生長,由村內經過精心挑選的葡萄樹,標高海拔340米,種植密度每公頃由2,200至2,500棵,產量不多於8,000公斤/公頃。於葡萄園內的以最有效率的工序進行葡萄種植,人為干預減至最少,完全尊重周圍環境。收成完全由人手精心揀選。

汽泡酒 (Cava)

40% Xarel.lo, 30% Macabeo, 15% Parellada, 15% Chardonnay

這四種會成為Maria del Mar的葡萄分別釀造,只以輕柔壓搾,來取得最佳質素自然流出的葡萄汁。15%的Xarel.lo是在橡木桶發酵和陳年5個月,並與酒渣攪拌,此舉令此cava的結構更紮實,同時獲得拖肥、多士和煙燻味道。在調和後,基酒會經過精心過濾及淨化,以保持酒的最佳品質。二次發酵於瓶肉進行,成就傳統釀造方法。

Maria del Mar Gran Reserva會留在地底酒窖最少36個月,比Cava DO法例所需更要長四倍。在除渣後會再靜止3至4個月。



A cava that defies description, different. It can test the most discerning palate and is served at the smartest occasions. A cava with a creamy texture, structured, complex, with a never-ending array of ripe peach, toasty and spicy aromas. A gastronomic cava designed to complement haute cuisine.
Maria del Mar is a Gran Reserva with 36 months ageing, from a judicious blend of four grape varieties - Xarel.lo, Macabeo, Parellada and Chardonnay, vinified separately and with a significant proportion of Xarel.lo fermented in oak to accentuate its complexity. Maria del Mar Gran Reserva is an enchanting cava of great character. It will shine at a formal meal, captivating the wine connoisseurs present, and preside at very special celebrations. Luxury for the senses!

Country of Origin:

From carefully tended vineyards on our estate, growing in special areas in the Upper Penedès and Central Penedès, at an average altitude of 340 meters. Planting density ranges from 2,200 to 2,500 vines per hectare and production never exceeds 8,000 kg / hectare. Work in the vineyard is carried out respecting viticultural best practices, with interventions kept to a minimum and fully respecting the surrounding environment. Picking is selective and carried out by hand.

Sparkling (Cava)

Grape Varieties:
40% Xarel.lo, 30% Macabeo, 15% Parellada, 15% Chardonnay

The four varieties which go into Maria del Mar are vinified separately. The grapes are pressed very gently in order to obtain the best free run juice. The 15% of Xarel.lo which goes into the blend, is fermented and barrel-aged for 5 months during which time bâtonnage is carried out. This endows the cava with structure and lovely toffee, toast and smoky aromas. After blending, careful clarification and filtration are carried out to preserve all the qualities of the still wine. The second fermentation takes place in the bottle respecting the traditional method.

Maria del Mar Gran Reserva remains in our underground cellars for at least 36 months, four times longer than the ageing period required by the Cava Denomination of Origin. After disgorging, it is left to rest for 3-4 months.

Tasting Notes:
Appearance: Intense amber hue with warm golden tints. The steady string of beads forms a magnificent crown.

On the nose: The careful blend of four grape varieties and barrel fermentation for the Xarel.lo result in a rich, full-bodied cava, with layers of intense aromas of toast, spices and ripe fruit, creating unique sensations illustrating the cava’s sophistication.

On the palate: Creamy and structured, with smoky notes. The aftertaste is well defined, complex, rich, harmonious and full.

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