KOLD Cocktail - United Kingdom

Launched in early 2014, KOLD, a premium British Ready to Drink (RTD) brand was inspired by the vibrant nightlife and ice bars of Scandinavia to create KOLD Cocktails series. The great tasting products only use premium, natural ingredients and classic authentic recipes. The pouch package products can easily be stored in the freezer. Cocktail lovers can serve themselves and their friends with bar-quality frozen cocktails just by simply opening the door of your freezer at home. Who says it is a must to go to bar to enjoy authentic cocktail experience? With KOLD cocktails, everyone can be a super bartender at home! The series include four classic cocktails: MOJITO, ELDERFLOWER MARTINI, LYCHEE MARTINI and COSMOPOLITAN.

2014年,英國高級Ready to drink (RTD) 品牌KOLD受北歐多姿多彩的夜生活文化,及獨特的冰雪酒吧所啟發,創作出 KOLD Cocktails系列。產品全以天然材料,搭配經典配方製造。獨立包裝設計便於放進冰箱,輕鬆調出冰沙雞尾酒。雞尾酒愛好者安坐家中,打開冰箱,就能享受到具專業酒吧水準的冰雪雞尾酒,為派對狂歡,良朋共聚,另一優質之選。當中包括四款經典雞尾酒: Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Elderflower Martini及Lychee Martini。


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