Alira Grand Vin Cabernet Sauvignon 2011


當來自多布羅加(Dobrogea)的和暖來到舊多瑙Danube河谷,ALIRA 準承地捕捉了風土的精華,形成給予葡萄生命力最佳的結合。當地的潛力是由他們的祖先於公元前二千年發現,釀酒生命已是這裡的傳統。十多年前,法國著名葡萄酒專家 Marc Dworkin 來到這裡,他預視到這處的實力和葡萄酒可能達到的複雜度,他和熱愛葡萄酒的商人 Dr. Karl Heinz Hauptmann 合作,發展一個葡萄種植釀酒計劃,除了令羅馬尼亞酒和乾罕的 ALIMAN 改頭換面,另外他也涉及保加利亞和中國葡萄種植,目標是製造以波爾多傳統高質量釀酒哲學為核心基礎的葡萄酒,同時保留及尊重當地特色。

此酒名叫 ALIRA 是因為要向鄰近種植葡萄的兩個地方, Aliman 和 Rasova 致敬。



新葡萄園第二出產年份, Cabernet Sauvignon 100%

葡萄由人手收成,然後在篩選桌子精心揀選。整顆葡萄14°C低溫浸漬3至5天。使用100%經過挑選的酵母,進行控制於 26-28°C 為期6至8天的酒精發酵,再在溫度調控缸浸漬15至20天。

陳年於法國小木桶進行約14個月: first passage小木桶和 second passage 小木桶。



ALIRA wines capture their essence, a countryside where the heat from Dobrogea meets the valley of the Old Danube forming the perfect alliance necessary for great viticulture. The potential of this area was discovered by our ancestors, Geto – Dacians circa 2000 BC. Winemaking has long being a huge tradition in this area. A revival took place a decade ago, when the famous French wine expert Marc Dworkin foresaw the strength and the complexity of wine produced from these local vines. Together with wine enthusiast and businessman, Dr. Karl Heinz Hauptmann, Dworkin decided to change the face of the Romanian wine and the arid lands at ALIMAN, by developing a viticulture-viniculture project here, as part of an international programme also involving Bulgaria and China. The purpose is to produce wine based on the bordelaise philosophy, while respecting the local specifics.

The wine was named “ALIRA”, as a tribute given to the communities of Aliman and Rasova, near which the new vineyard was planted.

Country of Origin:
Aliman, Romania

Red/Rouge (Still)

Grape Variety:
New vineyard 2nd vintage.  Cabernet Sauvignon 100%

The grapes are hand-picked, then carefully selected on sorting tables. Cold maceration of whole berries is performed  from 3 to 5 days at 14°C. Alcohol fermentation (100% with addition of selected yeast strains)  is  controlled  at  26-28°C  for 6-8 days,  followed  by maceration from 15 to 20 days in thermo-regulated tanks.

The ageing has been performed in French Barrique for approximately 14 months: first passage barrique and second passage barrique.

Tasting Notes:
Alira Grand Vin Cabernet Sauvignon is a robust, full-bodied ruby wine with an enticing mineral nose complemented by wild berries, plums and spices. It has tannic taste, with layers of cherry, raspberry and oak culminates with a long and potent finish.

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