Rhythm 108 - Switzerland

Rhythm 108 Dessert Bar exclusively imported by Sens Wine Cellar in Hong Kong

Eat real, be real!

Rhythm 108 dessert bar was freshly handmade in Switzerland by from real ingredients, from swiss milk, amaranth, nuts, to real fruits like banana and apple to bring you a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. These healthy snack bars can complement to or as a light meal, as dessert at home or office, and for people do regular exercises such as yoga or other sports who might worry about calories, obesity or sugar level from normal desserts as well as the cons of artificiality of some energy bars, because Rhythm 108 is purely natural with zero artificial ingredients, even the sweetness is naturally from dates instead of sugar. Therefore it is a stress-free option for a tasty dessert bar you can enjoy anytime.

For more information please visit: http://www.rhythm108.com


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