Sweet ’16 New Year Sale 甜美’16 新年優惠

踏入新一年的 ’16年,會令各位想到甚麼?會是尚未到飲酒年紀,卻又甜蜜的青春16歲?想新一年甜甜蜜蜜,就不能錯過今個月的美酒優惠!今次帶來多款法國波爾多右岸Saint Emilion美酒,它們以Merlot葡萄為主,甜美果味令人迷醉,就像置身果園一樣,把大家帶回青春的16歲時光!此外,優惠還包括幾款不可多得的波爾多白酒,該區常用的Semillon葡萄一樣芳香四溢、年輕貌美,清新得無可抵擋!
Stepping into a new year of ’16, does it make you think back to the times of sweet 16 (though it was still not legal to drink at that age) ?
If you aim for a sweet new year, don’t miss our sale this month! We have brought a number of Bordeaux right bank Saint Emilion wines that are Merlot dominant, famous for its fruitiness, bringing all the drinkers back to their sweet 16! What’s more, the other few bottles of Bordeaux white wine made from Semillon are equally aromatic, young and beautiful, who can say ‘No’ to freshness?
Stocks are very limited, so please make your purchase now at : http://sens.com.hk/collections/all/new-year-sale !