Absolut Elyx


Size: 75cl

This smooth and characterful spirit has already received many awards for best vodka. But it’s the heritage and authentic process that have made this spirit one of the world’s very best. Every drop of Absolut Elyx is produced using winter wheat grown in one single estate in Southern Sweden – the Råbelöf Estate. The whole production takes place in a 25km radius around Åhus to ensure complete control of the end product. Based on tradition copper plays a lead role in the production of this vodka.

To create the perfect raw spirit Absolut Elyx is distilled with a process called copper catalysation whihc ensures maximum contact with the copper. The raw spirit is then further rectified using a vintage copper still from 1921. A one of its’ kind copper still that is hand operated with traditional skills and techniques known only by a select few, one of these being our Master Distiller Krister Asplund.

It is the combination of all these unique elements that gives Absolut Elyx its celebrated rich silky mouth feel and exceptionally smooth finish making it a vodka best enjoyed neat.

The visual expression for Absolut Elyx is a contrast between the authentic and refined, acting as a catalysts for change , taking luxury from the superficial to the substantial.Every detail is executed with sophistication and edge to create tension and match the superior quality of the product. Copper is used both as the Absolut Elyx “color” but also as an emotive connector to the brand, creating visibility, memorable experiences and impact.

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