Weingut Immich-Batterieberg "C.A.I." Riesling Kabinet Trocken 2017


CAI的名字來自“Carl August Immich”。

CAI stands for “Carl August Immich",
the founder and name-giver of the winery.

原產地Country of origin:
Mosel, Germany

葡萄品種Grape Varieties:

品酒筆記Tasting Notes:
Immich-Batterieberg的2017 Riesling Kabinett Trocken C.A.I. 在氣味上提供成熟、濃郁和美味多汁的水果,並帶有微妙的板岩香氣。是一款濃郁、多汁、結構良好、清新的Riesling,帶有花香,清爽潔淨,並以板岩的乾脆作結。此酒相當優雅,顯示出良好的礦物清新長度,帶有刺激的鹽度和抓地力。以入門級葡萄酒來說,特徵相當豐富。

Immich-Batterieberg's 2017 Riesling Kabinett Trocken C.A.I. offers ripe, intense and pretty juicy fruit on the nose intertwined with a subtle slate aroma. Bottled with 10.5% alcohol, this is an intense, juicy, well-structured and refreshing Riesling with floral aromas on the nicely pure and slatey-crunchy finish. The wine is elegant and reveals good, mineral-refreshing length with stimulating salinity and grip and a pretty rich character for an entry-level wine from purchased grapes.

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