Weingut Immich-Batterieberg "Enkircher Steffensberg" Riesling 2017 (RP: 92)


原產地Country of origin:
Enkirch Grand Cru, Mosel, Germany

白葡萄酒White/Blanc (Still)

葡萄品種Grape Varieties:

品酒筆記Tasting Notes:

採自60歲以上未經接種的古老葡萄藤。2017年Enkircher Steffensberg Riesling以純淨、爽脆、清新優雅的花束作開啟,反映出帶銅的紅色板岩,表現出華麗而精緻的水果。口感青蔥、緊緻,帶一些細膩的橡木單寧,提供些許橡木味和單寧味。此酒圓潤、多汁但精確,具有緻密緊緻但仍然有些封閉的結尾,可以進一步窖藏陳年至2024年。

From 60-year-old ungrafted vines, the 2017 Enkircher Steffensberg Riesling opens with a pure and crunchy, beautifully fresh and elegant bouquet that reflects the reddish colored slate and indicates opulent and refined Riesling fruit. Lush and intense on the palate, with some fine oaky tannins, a certain oak flavor and tannin astringency, this is a round, juicy but precise and crystalline Riesling with a dense and compact yet still somewhat closed finish that asks for further cellaring. 

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