Bellesa Perfecta by Franck Massard 2008


所有故事始於2004年,當Franck Massard和他的老朋友於西班牙的Priorat取得屬於他們的土地並轉化他們的夢想成為事實。身為侍酒師,他們想學習更多關於釀酒的事。他們第一個年份是有500瓶,Franck很快便知道,要釀出優質葡萄酒,必須技巧、耐性和勤奮必備,但Franck仍然對他釀出的第一瓶酒 Huellas 十分滿意。

走遍西班牙多個葡萄酒產區,Franck Massard發現不少不知名的葡萄園和擁有極佳自然感覺的農夫,Franck的熱情更加高漲,同時準備接受全新挑戰。他開始於較少人認識的地區如 Ribeira Sacra、Terra Alta 和Valdeorras製作全新,並擁有地域真正感覺的葡萄酒。


西班牙 Priorat

70% Grenache , 15% Carignan , 10% Cabernet Sauvignon , 5% Syrah


以6ºC來冷凍葡萄,讓葡萄靜下來經過兩天的冷凍浸漬。所有葡萄品種分開在溫度控制下發酵釀酒。Cabernet Sauvignon於400L木桶發酵,其他葡萄則於不鏽缸內。




Everything began in 2004 when an old friend and Franck Massard decided to acquire their our own vineyard in Spain’s Priorat region and transform their dream into reality. As sommeliers, they wanted to learn more about production. Their first harvest was just 500 bottles, Franck quickly found out that developing fine wines requires skill, patience and hard work but Franck was delighted with their first wine, Huellas.
Visiting wine regions across Spain, Franck Massard discovered extraordinary unknown vineyards and met farmers with an amazing sense of nature. His passion grew and he was ready for a new challenge. He started to create new wines from lesser known regions like Ribeira Sacra, Terra Alta, and Valdeorras, wines with a real sense of place.
Franck started to seek out vineyards in marginal climates where the vines ripen slowly and have a natural complexity. Or century-old vineyards, almost abandoned because their yields are so low, where the fruit quality is astonishing.
His mission is nurturing what nature provides, highlighting the undiscovered and sharing it with wine lovers.

Country of Origin:
Priorat, Spain

Grape Varieties:
70% Grenache , 15% Carignan , 10% Cabernet Sauvignon , 5% Syrah

Cooling of the grapes to 6ºc to allow resting of the berries and cold maceration for 2 days. All grapes are fermented separately under controlled temperature; the Cabernet Sauvignon is fermented in wooden vats of 400L. The other berries are fermented in stainless steel tanks.

1 year in French oak 20% new oak of 400L capacity. Bottling with no fining and no filtration

Tasting Notes:
Asian spices, blackberry, and mineral notes. It opens in the glass to reveal savoury, smooth and layered fruit and a pleasure-bent personality.

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