Berlucchi Cellarius Rosé 2008


Berlucchi 的俊朗大屋和古老的地庫酒窖,令 Ziliani 意識到實行在那裡製作瓶內二次發酵的少年夢想的可行性,Berlucchi 接受了這個挑戰,並於 1961 年出產了 3,000 瓶 Pinot di Franciacorta。

Cellarius 就是強調了時間的 Franciacorta Millesimato (以年分命名) 。在葡萄園中的時間,生產更好的果實;在酒窖中的時間,即是長久但不是過分的陳年;在有知識而追求享受的人手中的時間,就是懂得以一瓶非同凡響的 Franciacorta 來回饋自己。


Chardonnay 50%, Pinot Noir 50%

輕柔、漸進壓搾,有質素地把發酵汁分批,初次發酵於不鏽鋼缸進行。一小部分會於小橡木桶內進行,蘋果酸-乳酸二次發酵亦在此進行,然後和酒渣陳年6個月。Pinot Noir 連皮浸漬幾個小時(即「一夜玫瑰紅」工序) ,提升了由 Pinot Noir 帶來的性格。


柔軟,絲絨般的泡沫在留在口中令人留下印象,悠閒感覺的氣泡,也有幼細的環留在邊緣。淺三文魚粉紅色,帶有活躍的紫羅蘭反映。典雅的野生士多啤梨和覆盆子,與仔細的酵母和鬆脆麵包結合得極為完美。因為 Pinot Noir 的短期連皮浸漬帶來了力量和溫暖。令人喜歡的圓潤口感,以酸度和豐富感覺保留,也全因較高比例的 Pinot Noir,收結清脆,全沒有單寧感覺。


The handsome mansion, the elegant figure of Berlucchi, and the ancient underground cellars had inspired Ziliani, who had glimpsed the possibility of realising his boyhood dream of producing a bottle-refermented sparkling wine. Berlucchi accepted the challenge, and in 1961 three thousand bottles of Pinot di Franciacorta were corked up.

Cellarius is the Franciacorta Millesimato (vintage-dated) that exemplifies the value of time: time in the vineyard, so it will give the finest fruit; time in the cellar, for a lengthy, but not excessive, ageing; time in the hands of the knowledgeable pleasure-lover, who can reward himself with an unusual Franciacorta.

Country of Origin:

Grape Varieties:
Chardonnay 50%, Pinot Noir 50%.

Gentle, gradual pressing, with quality fractioning of the must, and initial fermentation in stainless steel. A small quantity ferments in oak barriques, where it undergoes malolactic fermentation as well; it matures there sur lie for 6 months. A few hours’ maceration of the Pinot Noir on the skins (the “rosé of one night” practice) heightens in the wine the characteristics and hue of the Pinot Noir.

A minimum of 30 months on the yeast.

Tasting Notes:
Soft, velvety mousse that lingers impressively, a leisurely bead of pinpoint bubbles, and a subtle crown around the rim.

Pale salmon-pink, with vivid violet reflections.  Elegant notes of wild strawberry and raspberry, well melded with subtle nuances of yeast and crusty bread. Heady, warm impressions from the brief maceration of Pinot Noir on the skins during vinification.
Pleasing roundedness, sustained by acidity and sapidity from the high percentage of Pinot Noir in the cuvée. The finish is crisp and not tannic at all.

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