Berlucchi Cuvee Imperiale Max Rosé



Berlucchi 的俊朗大屋和古老的地庫酒窖,令 Ziliani 意識到實行在那裡製作瓶內二次發酵的少年夢想的可行性,Berlucchi 接受了這個挑戰,並於 1961 年出產了 3,000 瓶 Pinot di Franciacorta。

經過超過半個世紀,Cuvée Imperiale 一直都是節日、享樂、祝酒的代表,它統一的仔細味道,令它成為意大利人最喜愛的傳統釀造氣泡。它的多種風格,令此酒成為悠閒和特別場合中最完美的選擇。


Chardonnay 70%, Pinot Noir 30%

輕柔、漸進壓搾,有質素地把發酵汁分批,初次發酵於不鏽鋼缸進行。Pinot Noir 連皮浸漬幾個小時(即「一夜玫瑰紅」工序) ,提升了由 Pinot Noir 帶來的性格。


軟滑、充足數量的泡沫,悠閒感覺的氣泡。淺粉紅色,每個年分酒也有點不同,因為不同成熟程度的 Pinot Noir 有不同酚醛含量。香氣複雜、芳香、有生命力,而野紅莓和大核果實尤其突出,因為 liqueur d’expédition 中有 Pinot Noir ,所以酒帶力量和溫暖。飽滿,像絨般幼滑,酒體吸引。

The handsome mansion, the elegant figure of Berlucchi, and the ancient underground cellars had inspired Ziliani, who had glimpsed the possibility of realising his boyhood dream of producing a bottle-refermented sparkling wine. Berlucchi accepted the challenge, and in 1961 three thousand bottles of Pinot di Franciacorta were corked up.

For over half a century, Cuvée Imperiale has been synonymous with festiveness, joy, and raising a toast, and its consistently fine taste has made it the Italians’ favourite classic-method sparkler. Its four styles make it the perfect choice for both casual moments and the most special of occasions.

Country of Origin:

Grape Varieties:
Chardonnay 70%, Pinot Noir 30%

Gentle, gradual pressing, with quality fractioning of the must, and initial fermentation in stainless steel. A few hours’ maceration of the Pinot Noir on the skins (the “rosé of one night” practice) heightens in the wine the characteristics and hue of the Pinot Noir.

A minimum of 24 months on the yeast.

Tasting Notes:
Soft, abundant mousse , and a leisurely bead of pinpoint bubbles. Pale pink, which varies according to the vintage, due to the different ripeness levels of the phenolic compounds in the Pinot Noir. complex, fragrant, and lively, with emphatic notes of wild red berry fruit and ripe stone fruit, with heady, warm impressions due to the presence of Pinot Noir in the liqueur d’expédition. Full-volumed, velvet-smooth, with appealing body.  

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