Castell d'Encús Saktih 2013 (RP:94+)



西班牙傳奇隱世釀酒師Raul Bobet在Castell d'Encus酒莊第一款推出市面的Bordeaux Blend, 70年代便是他釀造Torres Mas La Plana, 打敗了五大酒莊。離開Torres後,我很難再遇到手執在西班牙能打造世界一流Cabernet Merlot Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot鑰匙的人,Raul在西班牙至今仍是德高望重的神級人物。

西班牙 Costers del Segre 超過海拔1000米高於比利牛斯山

Petit Verdot

酒莊獨家精心挑選人手收割所有葡萄於10kg 的小盒

只有在最好的年份,才會有這種特別的Petit Verdot
令人容易與Petit Verdot產生聯想


Raul Bobet’s groundbreaking wines from the Pyrenees subzone of the Costers del Segre appellation, are produced in the village of Talarn at 1,000 meters altitude. The wines are named with Sanskrit words or after the places where grapes are grown. Nowadays most of the wines are fermented in the 12th century stone lagares from the property. It has to be seen to be believed. However, the process is not the most important thing, what is really important is that the results are superb. These are some of the most exciting new wines throughout Spain. And Bobet, the ex-Torres enquiring mind, is also responsible for the breathtaking Priorats from the Ferrer-Bobet winery, his joint venture with entrepreneur and wine lover Sergi Ferrer-Salat.

Country of Origin:
Spain, Costers del Segre 1000m altitude on the Pyrenees

Grape Varieties:
Petit Verdot

Handpicked harvest with small cases of 10 kg from grapes exclusively from the estate.
The wine was fermented only in stone vats.
The wine was aged during 24-months in French oak barrels.
After bottling, the wine ages for 30-months in the cellar.

Tasting Notes:
Only in the very best years there will be a special bottling of Petit Verdot, from a cool and slow-ripening vintage that achieved perfect ripeness of the tannins.
This is very intense, more concentrated and with a slightly roasted character that usually associated with Petit Verdot.
It's serious, dark, concentrated, earthy and powerful and seems to be aging at a very slow pace.
The palate is full-bodied, a little monolithic, without the fluidity and immediate charm of the regular Bordeaux blend, but with a lot more depth and complexity.
It will most probably evolve slowly and for a very long time, as it has all the ingredients to do so.
This is really very good, a perfectionist's wine.
Only 860 bottles and 150 magnums were produced and filled in August 2015.

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