Champagne Albert Lebrun Brut Cuvee Reservee NV


Champagne Vieille France House的前身是Champagne Albert Le Brun, 位處於列級村莊之一的Avize Village,由Leon Lebrun成立於1860年。為了創出獨特而優質的香檳佳釀,這位元祖莊主混合了數個列級葡萄園,如BouzyAmbonnayLouvois的葡萄,並取得成功。其後,他的兒子Albert 繼承了他的衣缽,與後代莊主在往後135年將祖先留下來的秘方發揚光大。

2003年,Champagne Group G.H. Martel的持有人Rapeneau家族收購了Champagne Albert Le Brun,其後易名為Champagne Vieille France。並保留了1968年,由Francois Le Brun所設計的復古「蘋果型」香檳瓶,至今仍是香檳界的少數。這款優雅,獨特而具歷史價值的設計,早在18世紀已出現,更在最早描繪香檳的晝作“Le Dejeuner d’Huitres” (“The Oyster Dinner”)中出現過。這種瓶身設計內外兼備,除了美觀,更可令香檳陳年得更好及可以保存更久。

Champagne Vieille France House was originally Champagne Albert Le Brun, founded in 1860 by Leon Le Brun in Avize which was later classified as a Grand Cru Village. The blend of several Grand Cru vineyards e.g. Bouzy, Ambonnay and Louvois helped the first owner ‘success in creating unique and prestigious champagne. In the following 135 years, his son and his successor, Albert Lebrun, and the descendants of the family perpetuate the “savoir-faire” to make the champagne successful.

In 2003, the owner of Champagne Group G.H. Martel, Rapeneau family, bought Champagne Albert Le Brun and renamed it as Champagne Vieille France. They kept the unique apple-shaped champagne bottle, designed by Francois Le Brun in 1968. The characteristic and historic apple-bottle design, which was depicted in the first painting about Champagne in history, “Le Dejeuner d’Huitres(1735)”, still remains unique nowadays in the Champagne World. The elegant design not only gives an impressive outlook to the champagne, but can also keep the champagne longer and provide a better condition of aging.


Champagne Vieille France系列的入門香檳,仍然採用Vieille France前身Albert Lebrun的名字。具古典感覺而簡樸的酒標,正好反映Champagne Albert Le Brun Cuvee Reservee Brut簡單俐落的清新口感,大方中見平衡。

The entry-level Champagne of the series of Champagne Vieille France still uses the name of Champagne Albert Le Brun, the origin of Champagne Vieille France. The classic label of minimalism reflects the freshness and the pleasant simplicity of the wine itself. It is also elegant and well-balanced.




45% Pionot Noir, 35% Meunier, 20% Chardonnay



Country of origin:


Grape Varieties:
45% Pionot Noir, 35% Meunier, 20% Chardonnay

Tasting Note:
A clear colour with a delightful foam. A lively, mineral nose with hints of brioche. Fresh on the palate, an elegant effervescence and harmonious lemon aromas.


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