Chateau la Pointe 2008 / 2009 (RP:90)



酒莊於 2007 年易手,由 D’Arfeuille 家族售予 Generali France。擁有 23 公頃葡萄樹,這是 Pomerol 區最大酒莊之一,不少葡萄酒專家同意 La Pointe 常出產優質葡萄酒。

波爾多 AOC Pomerol


Merlot, Cabernet Franc
85% Merlot,15% Cabernet Franc

深紫色,出色出眾的李子、藍莓、黑莓、覆盆子香氣。飽滿酒體,圓潤質感,適度的過分成熟和溫暖,令此 Pomerol 酒價值高企。如果你尋找超值之酒,這是十分良好的選擇。

Château La Pointe in Pomerol changed hands in 2007,sold by the D’Arfeuille family to Generali France. With 23 hectares under vine, this is one of the largest estates in Pomerol. Consisting of only around 785 hectares, this bijou appellation produces some of the finest wines of Bordeaux. Not only is the appellation small to begin with, it is also sub-divided to an unusual extent, the average vineyard holding being just 5 hectares.

Wine professionals agree that La Pointe has always produced quality wines, but many feel the château has not by any means achieved its full potential.

AOC Pomerol, Bordeaux

Grape varieties:
85% Merlot,15% Cabernet Franc

Tasting Notes:
Dense purple color and oodles of plum sauce interwoven with blueberry, raspberry and black cherry notes. Full-bodied, round textures, a bit of overipness and warmth in finish make this a top value from Pomerol, a region which has a well deserved reputation for being very expensive. If you're looking for value here, this is a good choice.

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