Chateau La Vieille Cure 2011 (RP:91)


佔面積二十餘公頃的Château La Vieille Cure早在1780 年就已經出現在著名的吉耶納地的地圖上, 也就是Belleyme地圖。 早在17世紀的教區記錄就有顯示葡萄曾經在此種植過。 果園沿伊勒斯河順流而下, 落差達65米之高, 陽光充沛而土壤的排水性極佳。 葡萄就生長在面朝西南方的斜坡上。 完美的自然條件促進了大面積的葡萄自然成熟。1986年底, 兩位來自美國的波爾多紅酒愛好者發現了這個酒莊的潛力, 買下並翻新了大面積的莊園。他們改變了葡萄園大部分地區的結構。 當然, 那些具有百年樹齡的老樹是嚴加保護不去觸碰的。 新的酒窖裡使用了最先進的設備和發酵的酒桶。 他們所做的一切就是為了生產出高品質的紅酒以銷往世界各地。新莊園主還實施了新的行銷計畫, 包括只在園內裝瓶。 以前這一品牌鮮為人知, 現在則出口到二十五多個國家。目前其紅酒主要是銷往法國, 美國, 中國和英國緊隨其次。

波爾多 Fronsac


Merlot 75% , Cabernet Franc 22% ,  Cabernet Sauvignon 3%





With its 20 hectares (50 acres) in one single plot, Château La Vieille Cure appears on a famous map of the Guyenne region, known as the Belleyme map, dated 1780. Parish records show grapes were grown there in the 17th Century. The vines occupy a privileged location on plateaus and slopes that are oriented to the southeast. The estate runs along the River Isle at an elevation of 65 metres, where it soaks up the sun, while enjoying perfect drainage. This situation favors the growth of grapes that ripen generously and under ideal physical conditions.
The property has been greatly renovated since 1986 when it was bought by American friends: Bordeaux lovers who recognized the exceptional potential of the estate.
Parts of the vineyard were extended and replanted, without of course touching the very old vines, some of which go back over 75 years. A new winery was built, housing the latest equipment, and aging in oak casks was begun. The overall objective of these investments was to make high quality wines worthy of worldwide distribution.
The new owners launched a new marketing program for the wines, based on bottling exclusively at the chateau. Château La Vieille Cure had been little known outside Fronsac, but is now exported to more than 25 countries. The main markets remain France, the United States, China and Britain.

Fronsac, Bordeaux

Country of Origin:
Bordeaux, France

Grape Varieties:
Merlot 75% , Cabernet Franc 22% ,  Cabernet Sauvignon 3%

Maceration for
3 to 4 weeks.The temperature of the must is carefully controlled and is pumped over twice a day. Primary fermentation occurs in stainless steel tanks equipped with automatic temperature controls. The secondery fermentation, called the malolactic, takes place in barrels.

Tasting Notes:
An amazing effort in this vintage, La Vieille Cure has been one of the top 3 or 4 Fronsacs in most recent vintages. The 2011 is fashioned from 75% Merlot, 22% Cabernet Franc, and 3% Cabernet Sauvignon. Many consumers will probably drink this wine entirely too young (and  there is no problem with that), there is not doubt it has serious aging potential. A true revelation, this sleeper of the vintage is one of the finest wines money can buy. The dense ruby/purple color is followed by a sumptuous palate impression of silky black cherries and blackberries intermixed with wild strawberries. Opulent and rich with the abundant glycerin and lavish concentration concealing moderate tannins, this is a sensational effort in this challenging vintage. With nearly 14% natural alcohol as well as tremendous ripeness, it should drink well for 10+ years. This sleeper of a vintage merits consumer attention.

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