Chateau Lafaurie-Peyraguey 1996 (RP:90) / 2005 (RP:91) / 2009 (RP:93)



在 Sauternes 的中心,Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey 擁有在效外景致的鶴立雞群的震撼外觀,它的外牆給予了酒莊 Hispano-Byzantine 風格和外貌。它的13世紀閘門和城樓,還有在17世紀重建的主樓,都是代表它們歷史而又可觸及的證據。Lafaurie 先生於1794 年的革命年代買入此處,以他超越一般人的常識,他立時令酒莊的聲價十倍,其後獲得於 1917 年開始擁有酒莊的 D.Cordier 先生傳承下去,獲推崇為奢華的完美亮點。

AOC Sauternes, Bordeaux


Sémillon, Sauvignon, Muscadelle

於幼細法國橡木桶,40% - 70% 新橡木桶,按不同年分調節。在空氣及濕度調節酒窖內,在17至23度間發酵,按不同批次發酵 18 至 30 天。

按不同年分,於法國橡木桶內陳年 18 至 20 個月,40% 至 70% 新木桶


此酒的香氣有如Grand Marnier香橙甜酒般,當中帶有如椰子等熱帶果香。感覺集中,酒體中等至濃厚,有多層次果香,結構及純淨而狂野的收結。

2005 年:

2009 年:
明亮的中等至深金色,吸引人的柑橘、桃子、蜜糖香氣,配以花卉和性感的椰子。味道非常集中,新鮮和甜美,加上純淨、如果醬般的貴腐味道、柑橘、焦糖化的香蕉、拖肥和桃子。豐富而呈乳脂口感,而其平衡感覺令人讚歎,全因它的酸度,此年輕的 Sauternes 的收結持久,並帶有白胡椒和黃薑。


In the heart of the Sauternes country, Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey has a striking appearance, rising out of this gently rolling countryside. The walls surrounding it give it a Hispano-Byzantine look. Its XIIIth century gateway and castle towers, along with the main building rebuilt in the XVIIth century, are tangible proof of its age. Mr Lafaurie purchased it during the Revolution, in 1794, and his outstanding knowledge of things of the earth brought the vineyard immediate renown, which was carried on by Mr D.Cordier who became owner in 1917. It is rightly described as having the extravagance of perfection.

AOC Sauternes, Bordeaux

Grape Varieties:
Sémillon, Sauvignon, Muscadelle

In fine-grained French oak barrels, with 40 - 70% new oak barrels each year depending on the vintage. Fermentation at between 17 and 23C in the air-conditioned, humidity-controlled winery, for 18 to 30 days depending on the batch.

In French oak barrels, with 40 to 70% new oak barrels depending on the vintage, for 18 to 20 days.

Tasting Notes:

1996 Vintage:
This wine offers aromas of Grand Marnier orange liqueur intertwined with pain grille, coconut and other exotic fruits. It is dense and medium to full-bodied, with layers of fruit, structure, and a pure, viscous finish.

2005 Vintage:
There's beautiful ripe fruit in this, with pineapple, mango and papaya and hints of vanilla and honey. Full-bodied and medium sweet. Rich and round, with loads of cooked apple, citrus peel and spices. Long and flavourful. Dense and rich. Best after 2012.  

2009 Vintage:
Bright medium-deep gold. Captivating aromas of tangerine, peach and honey are complemented by flowers and a sexy oak note of coconut. Highly concentrated, fresh and sweet, with gloriously pure, marmalady botrytis tones complicating the citrus, caramelized banana, toffee and peach flavors. Rich and creamy yet wonderfully balanced thanks to plenty of acidity, this impressive young Sauternes finishes with palate-staining length and lingering hints of white pepper and ginger.

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