Chateau Monbousquet 2011 (RP:90)


根據現存的資料顯示,Château Monbousquet 可以追溯至 1540 年,當時酒莊屬於 François de Lescours 但有關他的資料有限。

1993 年,Chantal 和 Gérard Perse 來到酒莊為它展開新一頁,為質素跨前一大步,實在是為這個包含悠久歷史,位於聖艾美倫區向南斜坡 500米外的風土一個黃金發展機會。

在其新擁有者的數年指導下,Monbousquet 在 2006 年獲升級為 Grand Cru Classé,令此酒成為產區內之星級之選,著名酒評家 Robert Parker 也同意,Château Monbousquet 在 Gérard Perse 的領下,成就顯著,現在已是聖艾美倫區,甚至整個波爾多最具風情和感性的酒。

波爾多 Saint Émilion Grand Cru Classé



60% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Franc,10% Cabernet Sauvignon


於新木桶陳年 18 - 24 個月,每 3 個月換桶一次。最後調混於裝瓶前進行,葡萄酒不經澄清和過濾

一瓶十分經典的 Monbousquet 帶有深紅寶石/紫色邊緣的酒,擁有豐富的藍莓和覆盆子香氣,與黑咖啡和礦物融合一起。由60% Merlot、30% Cabernet Franc 和 10% Cabernet Sauvignon 混釀而成,酒莊的出色釀酒團隊,即使在相對不著名的風土中,此酒仍展現令人驚歎的釀酒投入感覺,可在未來 8 至 10 年享用。


According to current research, Château Monbousquet’s origins date back to 1540. At this time the estate belonged to a gentleman named François de Lescours, about whom the archives tell us little.

In 1993 Chantal and Gérard Perse came to Monbousquet to begin a new chapter in the château’s story, ushering in a veritable “leap in quality”. A golden opportunity for this great terroir so rich in history, situated just 500 meters from Saint-Emilion’s southern slopes.

In 2006 Monbousquet was promoted to the rank of a Grand Cru Classé. In just a few years under the direction of its new owner, this growth which has always been well-respected among Saint-Emilion’s great wines has become one of the appellation’s stars, leading Robert Parker to declare: “Château Monbousquet under Gérard Perse’s guidance is exceptional. Right now this growth is probably the most exotic and most sensual wine in Saint-Emilion, if not in all of Bordeaux.”

Saint Émilion Grand Cru Classé, Bordeaux

Country of Origin:
Bordeaux, France

Red/Rouge (Still)

Grape varieties :
60% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Franc,10% Cabernet Sauvignon

The old fermentation cellar was recently rebuilt and now houses temperature controlled stainless steel vats. A new ageing cellar was also built.

18-24 months in new oak barrels with racking every 3 months. The final blending is done just before bottling, and the wine is neither fined nor filtered

Tasting Notes:
A classic Monbousquet, the dense ruby/purple-tinged 2011 possesses abundant blueberry and raspberry fruit intermixed with hints of espresso roast and minerals. Composed of 60% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Franc and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, it admirably displays the heights a brilliant winemaking team with an unwavering commitment to excellence can achieve from one of the less prestigious terroirs of St.-Emilion. This beauty should provide plenty of pleasure over the next 8-10 years.

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