Château Talbot 2010 (RP:94)



「大寶酒莊對很多人來說,是最具代表性的聖朱利安村葡萄酒。酒香豐滿,很平衡穩定,陳年能力強,法國最著名的評酒師 Bettane & Desseauve在他們的著作「法國名酒寶典」中如是說。


Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot






Undeniably, Talbot is one of the most famous Médoc wines. This fine reputation is no doubt due to a mysterious combination of factors, such as the size of its vineyard, nearly one hundred hectares, and the regularity of its wine.  Nearly a century in the same family, the name Talbot is concise and hard-hitting, easy to pronounce in all languages and a part of our history… However, the first thing that makes Talbot popular is the wonderful nature of its wine.

‘For many, Talbot embodies the ideal Saint Julien, a generous bouquet, extremely stable and dependable during aging,’ emphasize Bettane and Desseauve in their Guide to French Wines.

It’s true. A champion of longevity, even when young Talbot is pleasant and rounded, ever distinguished by silky, mild and very civilized tannins. Talbot possesses an extraverted nature. It’s never withdrawn into itself, and has the courtesy of being in a good mood every day. It’s a racy wine, with complex marks of Havana and licorice, classically delicious without ever the slightest hint of austerity.

Country of Origin:
Bordeaux, France

Grape Varieties:
Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot

Traditional fermentation in wooden vat

the cellar is maintained at 16°C, 14 months of ageing in 50 to 60 percent new barrels

Tasting Notes:
One of the best Talbots over recent years, and possibly the best since the 1986 and 1982, this sexy juggernaut of a wine struts forth with an opaque plum/ruby/purple color and terrific notes of creme de cassis, licorice, roasted herbs and smoky barbecue. It is a brilliant effort, with full body, wonderful fruit, a savory, expansive mouthfeel, sensational texture and a long finish, but no hardness or astringency. This is a fabulous Talbot to drink over the next 20-25 years.

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