Chevalier de Lascombes 2010


生於1625年的Antoine de Lascombes騎士是力士金莊園最早的主人,力士金 (Lascombes) 的名稱便來自於他的姓氏,是他讓力士金莊園在這片土地上紮下根蒂。他的後人 之一,波爾多議會顧問、海軍將領團的國王代理人、院士Jean-François de Lascombes將財產投資於這座酒莊,致力提升力士金的葡萄酒品質。



波爾多 AOC Margaux


Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon


A central figure in the history of Château Lascombes was Knight Antoine de Lascombes. As well as being the château’s first recorded owner, it was he who gave Lascombes its name. Born in 1625, he was to forge the destiny of the estate. One of his descendants, Jean-François de Lascombes, a councillor at the Bordeaux parliament, Crown Prosecutor at the Admiralty and member of the Academy, dedicated his fortune to the upkeep of the château and most particularly to enhancing the quality of its wines. In 1855, Château Lascombes was ranked as a Second Classified Growth in the classification of the Grand Crus Classés.
In 2011, the MACSF became the new owners when they bought Château Lascombes from Colony Capital. They immediately sought to take the quality of the wines to even greater heights and thereby gain permanent recognition for the fine work begun by the estate’s first owners.

The second in the Lascombes family is no baby brother. This wine is selected from batches that were not marked out for the First Wine. This “other” wine of Château Lascombes has undeniable charm and offers obvious drinking pleasure. Less powerful than the First Wine but more suave, this wine can be consumed earlier, in its first ten years.

AOC Margaux, Bordeaux

Country of Origin:
Bordeaux, France

Grape Varieties:
Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

Tasting Notes:
This has a sanguine hint, albeit one enveloped by plush plum, raspberry and toasted spice notes. The polished, open-knit finish lets the fruit linger, picking up an accent of licorice snap

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