Domaine de Montille "Les Taillepieds" Premier Cru de Volnay 1998


Domaine de Montille 位於 Volnay 是於十八世紀中期成立,它現在 Côtes de Beaune 及 Nuits 耕作 20 公頃以 Premier 和 Grand Cru 為主的葡萄田。自 2002 年起,Alix 和 Etienne de Montille 便管理酒莊和釀造,投入自我的貢獻之餘,也保留了父親 Hubert de Montille 的願景。

一瓶 Volnay "Taillepieds" 擁有純淨的香氣、準確,豐富實在,常有花香、礦物和香料,味覺以緊致的單寧框住。這些元素都有典雅感覺,令人聯想到修道院式的建築物。而 Taillepieds 也有陳年能力,可以在數十年後發光發亮,如石磐般堅穩。

布爾岡 Volnay Premier Cru


Pinot Noir


The Domaine de Montille was established in Volnay in the mid-18th century. It currently farms 20 hectares of primarily Premier and Grand Cru vineyards in the Côtes de Beaune and Nuits. Since 2002, Alix and Etienne de Montille manage the estate and the winemaking, bringing their individual contributions while staying true to the vision of their father, Hubert de Montille.

A Volnay "Taillepieds" has little to envy of the Grand Crus of the Côte de Nuits : it is a model of aromatic purity, precision and rigour in its construction. The definition on the nose is precise, pure, often floral, always mineral and spicy. The mouthfeel is framed by a tight tannic structure yet is dense. All these elements, the mineral, the purity, the rigour and the elegance evoque thoughts of a Cistercian building, which like the abbeys, seem to defy time. Effectively, a "Taillepieds" can age and shine for decades, as solid as a rock.

Volnay Premier Cru, Burgundy

Country of Origin:
Burgundy, France

Grape Variety:
Pinot Noir

Tasting Notes:
Clear red colour with a hint of age in the edges. A crystal clear nose shows the pure essence of burgundy, light, floral. On the palate a sting of bubbles on the tongue at first. Then intense fruity palate and some spices in the end. This was right from the bottle. After some aeration,  a hint of blue cheese emerges on the palate. A treat to drink!

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