Henschke Hill of Grace 2001 (RP:94)


在超過160年前,來自Silesia 的 Johann Christian Henschke 在 Eden Valley 區安定下來並開始農耕,到了第三代繼承者 Paul Alfred Henschke 於 1914 年取得控制之時,那裡的著名的 Hill of Grace shiraz 樹已經超過 50 年歷史。它們是於 1860 年代由祖先 Nicolaus Stanitzki 在現時酒莊西北面,淺度而肥沃的沖積河谷種植的。葡萄園位於舊路得會教堂對面,由本地石頭建成,名叫Gnadenberg,意思就是 Hill of Grace。第四代傳人 Cyril Henschke 於 1958 年釀造了第一批單一葡萄田的酒,最原本的葡萄園至今已經超過 140 年。

Eden Valley, South Australia


100% Shiraz 。由早期居住者於1800年代中段,由在根瘤蚜還未出現時的歐洲帶回來並種於Eden Valley。

人手收成葡萄於傳統開頂發酵缸釀造。於法國及美國木桶陳年 18 個月後再混製和裝瓶。



Over 160 years ago Johann Christian Henschke came from Silesia to settle and farm in the Eden Valley region. By the time third-generation Paul Alfred Henschke took over the reins in 1914, the famous Hill of Grace shiraz vines were more than 50 years old. They were planted around the 1860s by an ancestor, Nicolaus Stanitzki, in rich alluvial soil in a shallow fertile valley just north-west of the winery. Hill of Grace is a unique delineated single historic vineyard. The vineyard lies opposite a beautiful old Lutheran Church, built of local field stone, which was euphoniously named Gnadenberg, meaning Hill of Grace. Cyril Henschke, the fourth generation, made the first single-vineyard wine from these vines in 1958. The original vines are now over 140 years old.

Eden Valley, South Australia

Country of Origin:

Grape Variety:
100% shiraz grapes from pre-phylloxera material brought from Europe by the early settlers in the mid-1800s and grown in the Eden Valley wine region.

The handpicked grapes are vinified in traditional open-top fermenters. Matured in new French and American hogsheads for 18 months prior to blending and bottling.

Tasting Notes:
Very deep crimson in colour. The concentrated aromas are sweet, ripe and spicy with plums, prunes and blackberries complexed by hints of tar, anise, cedar and bacon. The rich, complex palate is dense, exotic and concentrated with black fruits. Beautifully balanced with great texture, excellent depth and length, finishing with soft velvety tannins.

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