Hwayo Extra Premium Soju 41% 50cl


HWAYO is a traditional Korean liquor made from rice. Artfully crafted by the Kwangjuyo Corporation using only the finest ingredients, HWAYO is recognized for its sophistication and elegant simplicity.

When paired with traditional Korean food and pottery manufactured by Kwangjuyo, the beverage embodies the essence of Korean culture.

Kwangjuyo uses organic rice and pure water drawn from deep underground to make HWAYO a drink of superior quality and taste.

Combining traditional techniques with modern technology, Kwangjuyo ages HWAYO with a minimum of one year in a traditional Korean pottery while using acoustic vibrations to strengthen the aroma and flavor of the beverage.

The result comes to be a refined liquor, unlike anything else available today.

Try HWAYO today and discover the taste of the real Korean liquor.

HWAYO X.Premium was released in Jan 2013 as a limited edition to celebrate the 10th anniversary of HWAYO. This “rice whisky” is an innovative creation, maturing rice distilled soju, HWAYO 41, in American Oak Barrels.

Tasting Notes:
HWAYO X-Premium is an innovative try to age rice distilled soju, HWAYO 41°, in American Oak barrel. The flavor is complex with a hint of vanilla and mild taste of rice in finish. It is high rank Korean whiskey based on rice and aged through oak barrel. Because crude liquid, which uses fermentation technology specializing in HWAYO through 100% Korean rice and advanced distillation methods, had been ripened through American Oak barrel, it has the beauties of symmetry between its taste and flavor. Specifically, it had been ripened more than 5 years, so that it has a mature and soft alcoholic quality. It is the aged crude liquid without any artificial additive. It has a mild taste and leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

Category: Korea, New Arrival, Soju, Spirits

Type: Soju

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