Hwayo Premium Soju 25% 50cl


HWAYO is a traditional Korean liquor made from rice. Artfully crafted by the Kwangjuyo Corporation using only the finest ingredients, HWAYO is recognized for its sophistication and elegant simplicity.

When paired with traditional Korean food and pottery manufactured by Kwangjuyo, the beverage embodies the essence of Korean culture.

Kwangjuyo uses organic rice and pure water drawn from deep underground to make HWAYO a drink of superior quality and taste.

Combining traditional techniques with modern technology, Kwangjuyo ages HWAYO with a minimum of one year in a traditional Korean pottery while using acoustic vibrations to strengthen the aroma and flavor of the beverage.

The result comes to be a refined liquor, unlike anything else available today.

Try HWAYO today and discover the taste of the real Korean liquor.

Tasting Notes:
Unlike diluted soju that creates their taste with artificial additives, HWAYO 25° comes with an absolutely smooth flavor crafted using the advanced reduced-pressure distillation method.

While the traditional distillation method leaves disturbing tastes of sweetness and bitterness due to the usage of extremely hot heat, this new method, which enables to reduce the internal pressure of distiller, allows liquor to be distilled under lower heat leaving softer flavor and aroma.

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Type: Soju

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