La Quintinye Vermouth Extra Dry


Named in honour of Jean-Baptiste de la Quintinye, botanist and gardener to Louis XIV, this La Quintinye range of vermouth is big on botanicals. For their Extra Dry expression, they use 27 different herbs and spices, as well as a selection of white wines and Pineau des Charentes Blanc, to create a big-bodied vermouth. Very bold and striking, this will surely stand out in cocktails with plenty of complexity.

Country of origin:


Tasting Notes:
Nose: Chopped basil and sage, with a sprig of rosemary along the way. Hints of fig and bright citrus. A little liquorice appear after a minute.
Palate: Opens with lemon peels and green grape, flowing swiftly into herbal wafts of wormwood, sage and rosemary.
Finish: Enjoyably bitter and drying with fresh herbs.

Category: France, Spirits, Vermouth

Type: Spirits

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