La Trilogie du Clos Triguedina (Au Coin du Bois / Les Galets / Petites Cailles)



Jean-Luc Baldes是Clos Triguedina的第七代釀酒師,是著名的Malbec專家。他對Cahors的風土是絕對熱情的,甚至到達只以單獨一塊田來造一款酒的地步,特定土地製造出特定葡萄酒,成為Jean-Luc Baldes三重奏。總產量為每款3,000瓶。




1. Au Coin du Bois是取自Lot Valley第2階梯,這裡只有Malbec葡萄。這片葡萄田能生產出有力量而細致的酒,擁有豐富紅果感覺。

葡萄品種:100% Malbec


2. Les Galets是取自Lot Valley第3階梯,這裡能接收極佳陽光,土壤有豐富的粘土和矽。這片令人讚歎和獲得仔細打理的風土只有Malbec葡萄,出產豐富、充滿果味的酒,也有陳年能力。

葡萄品種:100% Malbec


3. Petites Cailles來自Lot Valley最高的第4階梯,這裡是由石灰和粘土組成的風土,可見紫色的粘土紋理,亦有大量鐵質。這裡的Malbec給予葡萄酒十分重要的果味,同時有松露感覺,有很好陳年潛力。

葡萄品種:100% Malbec



Limited production: 3,000 Sets worldwide, 20 sets limited to Hong Kong region

Jean-Luc Baldes, the seventh generation of winemakers at Clos Triguedina, is known as a Malbec specialist. He is also truly passionate about his 'terroir' in Cahors. So much so that he decided to create single parcel wines; specific plots were selected in order to produce the 'Trilogy' of Jean-Luc Baldes. Total production is 3,000 bottles each.

Country of Origin:

Red/Rouge (Still)

3 Bottles in the Parcel:

1. Au Coin du Bois is a parcel selection from 2nd terrace or level high in the Lot Valley; this plot contains exclusively Malbec. This area of the vineyard gives generous wines with 'finesse' and a sensation abundant with red fruits.

Grape Variety: 100% Malbec

Tasting Notes: Red fruits aroma with a hint of mint; well balanced and concentrated with elegant tannins, providing you a feeling of the Bordeaux right bank. 

2. Les Galets is from the 3rd terrace or level in the Lot Valley where the land enjoys intense exposure to the sun and is rich in clay-silicious soils. This magnificent, meticulously cared for 'terroir' contains only Malbec and produces an opulent wine, full of fruit and with a nice maturity.

Grape Variety: 100% Malbec

Tasting Notes: Red fruit and subtle hints of oak, peppery notes which resemble Chateauneuf du Pape wines. Complex, long, rich and well balanced.

3. Petites Cailles is situated on the 4th terrace, the highest point in the Lot Valley. It iis a 'terroir' composed of 'chalky-clay' soil, with violet and purple veins of clay running through it and with a large presence of iron. The Malbec grape here gives a very fruity wine with a hint of truffles and has excellent ageing potential.

Grape Variety: 100% Malbec

Tasting Notes: Progressive notes of black fruits, slight hint of liquorice, expressive nose. Round and well balanced to provoke pleasure, harmonious, a feeling of Bordeaux left bank.

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