Montaribaldi Langhe Chardonnay Stissa d'le Favole 2007


首種於1966年,Montaribaldi本來只是種植者,後來成為葡萄酒生產商,這是位於 Barbaresco 產區,由家族擁有的酒莊。

這是一瓶由 Chardonnay 釀成的年輕葡萄酒,香氣新鮮豐富,也帶有令人想起木桶陳年的感覺。此酒是完美的餐前酒,也可配搭頭盤和魚類。

意大利 Langhe DOC



葡萄被放進垂直壓搾機以分開葡萄皮及汁 (輕壓)。葡萄汁會在溫度控制不鏽鋼桶閒置數天(13°C) ,以分散混濁部分。清澄的葡萄汁會在15-18°C下進行酒精發酵,時期約為10天。完成後,25% 的 Chardonnay 會被放於 225L 的小木桶內完成酒精和蘋果酸-乳酸二次發酵,期間會被攪拌,以增加葡萄酒和酒渣接觸。餘下的 75% 也保持和酒渣接觸,但會於不鏽鋼缸。




First planted in 1966, from a grower to producer. Montaribaldi is a family owned estate from the heart of Barbaresco region.

The Langhe Chardonnay DOC Stissa d’le Favole is a young white wine made up of Chardonnay grapes. Fresh and rich in perfume with hints which remind of the ageing in oak barrels. This wine is perfect to be enjoyed during aperitifs, starters and to be matched with fish dishes.

Country of Origin:

Grape Variety:

Grapes are put in the pneumatic press to divide the skins from the must (soft crush). The must is then left to rest a couple of days in stainless steel thermo-conditioned tanks (13°C) to separate the turbid. The clear must goes through  the alcoholic fermentation at a temperature of 15-18°C. Alcoholic fermentation lasts about ten days.

Once it finishes, about 25% of the Chardonnay is put in new barriques (225L) where it completes the alcoholic and malo-lactic fermentation and where it is periodically stirred (batonnage) to facilitate the constant contact between the wine and it lees. The remaining 75% is constantly in contact with its lees as well, but in stainless steel tanks.

Tasting Notes:

Intense straw yellow with green reflexes; Intense bouquet with hints of tropical fruit (especially banana and pineapple) along with vanilla and toasting aromas coming from the ageing in oak barrels. The palate fresh, outstandingly soft and persistent.

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