Paisajes y Vinedos La Pasada 2011


Paisajes y Vinedos 葡萄園的風景系列


1998年,西班牙最富傳奇色彩的名釀酒師米格爾‧安赫(Miguel Angel de Gregorio)與巴塞隆納最佳葡萄酒專賣店Vila Viniteca決定在利奧哈區(Rioja)攜手進行一個特別的葡萄酒計畫,稱為葡萄園裡的風景(Paisajes y Vinedos),透過米格爾對於產區的了解,每年嚴選利奧哈區不同的單一葡萄園,藉由其優異的釀酒技術,呈現每個葡萄園中無與倫比的景致。

派撒赫 (Paisajes)的西班牙原義為”風景”,為展現出園區獨一無二的面貌,米格爾的釀酒哲學是藉由土壤不同的特性與潛質,生產出獨特且無法被模仿的精采佳釀。由於法訂產區的規範,派撒赫的酒款僅能標示利奧哈(Rioja),而酒款直接以各葡萄園區的編號來命名,目前編號從19號,部份酒款並非年年釀造,而是選擇最佳年份才生產。

派撒赫的酒款風格與釀酒理念已受到各地的注目與好評,著名酒評家羅伯‧派克(Robert Parker)屢屢給予93分的高評價,同時也是連續5年榮獲世界最佳餐廳首選的西班牙三星餐廳El Bulli酒單上的指定用酒,每款酒年產量不超過5000瓶,是全球葡萄酒迷競相選購的夢幻逸品,也是西班牙利奧哈最不能忽略的美景。

Paisajes y Vinedos


DOC Rioja

100% Tempranillo

100% 全新法國Allier木桶


60-70 年

2,500 支



One does not always need vineyard, factory or cellar to make a wine, but passion and and talents are all you need to produce incredible wines.

In 1998, the most legendary wine maker Miguel Angel de Gregorio and the best wine shop in Barcelona Vila Viniteca joined hands and decided to start a special wine production project in Rioja, named Paisajes y Vinedos. With Miguel's deep understanding about the region and wine making technique, single vineyard grapes of Rioja are selected with great care, fantastic wines can be made.

Paisajes means scenery, in order to show the uniqueness of the vineyard, Miguel makes use of different characteristics and specialty of the soil, producing wines that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. According to DO regulations, the wines of Paisajes can only show Rioja on the label, therefore different number of vineyards are used to name the different wines. There are number 1 to 9 at the moment, some of the wines are not produced every vintage, only the best ones are released.

Paisajes' wines received outstanding comments from wine critics all over the world, Robert Parker repeatedly rated this wine 93 marks, and this wines has been listed on the wine list of world's best restaurant, the Michelin 3 star El Bulli, for consecutive 5 years. Every wine is not produced more than 5,000 bottles, therefore they are the most sought-afters, they are also the best scenery not to be missed in Spain.


Paisajes y Vinedos

Country of Origin:
Central Spain

DOC Rioja


Grape Variety:
100% Tempranillo

Use of Oak:
100% new French Allier oak

16 months

Age of Vines:
60-70 years

2,500 bottles

Tasting Notes:
Very dark, almost purple in colour, the nose is deep and rich, with spicy notes, black cherries, toast and cedar wood. Layers of rich black fruits in the mouth, very juicy sensation, excellent volume. Big, smooth tannins lead into a potent, lengthy finish. This wine should really be cellared and will evolve beautifully over the next few years, and last at least another decade. 

ROBERT PARKER, 92/100 (2009 vintage) 

The 2009 La Pasada is a pure Tempranillo that is aged for 16 months in French oak barrels. It has a clearly defined bouquet with succulent red berry, cassis, pot pourri and malty aromas. The oak very well-integrated. The palate is medium-bodied with a crisp entry, rounded in texture but there is a pleasing powdery texture that really lends precision and focus. This is a succinctly crafted, modern-style Rioja that will age beautifully. Drink 2014-2025.

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