Pichler Krutzler Riesling "Loibenberg" 2010 / 2011 / 2012 (RP:93)



來自 Wachau 的 Elisabeth Pichler-Krutzler 和來自 Burgenland 的 Erich Krutzler 於 2006年在 Wachau開設了自己的酒莊,兩夫婦都來自著名的釀酒家族,他們一起以優質靈魂和個性製作酒品,完全尊重自然和可持續發 展的葡萄種植方式。

這些都是Erich Krutzler於九十年代定下來的足跡,當時他為家族在Südburgenland出產出色而有性格的紅酒,這也解釋了為甚麼 Burgenland Blaufränkisch 會和 Riesling 及Grüner Veltliner 同時出現在貨品系列中。

Pichler-Krutzler 的葡萄酒皆十分純淨,沒有污染,也從不會為品質妥協。所有酒都充分反映其風土,收成、培養和裝瓶都不作混合其他品種。因為沒有加甜、不提高葡萄汁濃度、不淨化和無添加劑,所以酒都如實清楚地表現源頭,絕對是沒有譁眾取寵的高級手工藝品。

奧地利 Wachau






Elisabeth Pichler-Krutzler from the Wachau and Erich Krutzler from the Burgenland founded their own wine estate in the Wachau in 2006. Both husband and wife originated from famous wine-making families. Together, they craft wines of great soul and individuality, based on a respect form nature and sustainable viticultural practice.

All this is a continuation of the path that Erich Krutzler set out on in the 1990s when he helped his family estate produce outstanding and characterful red wines in the Südburgenland. This is why a Burgenland Blaufränkisch finds its place in the range alongside Riesling and Grüner Veltliner.

The Pichler-Krutzler wines are pure, unadulterated and made without compromise to quality. Each wine is the reflection of its own terroir, harvested, raised and bottled without blending. Since there is no chaptalization, no juice concentration, no fining or additives of any sort, all the wines express their origins plain and clear. Just high-grade handcraft without any fancy trends.

Wachau, Austria

Country of Origin:

Grape Variety:

Fermentation and Ageing:
Natural yeasts are used for fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Skin contact for 7 to 10 hours.  Aged in big oak casks on its second lees till bottling. Unfined, double filtration.

Tasting Notes:
Deep yellow-green colour, still very firm and closed-in on the nose, marvellous concentrated fruit, backward with excellent grip, very pure, splendid with sumptuous depth on the palate, superbly balanced and very long on the palate. Great class Loibenberg!

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