Pierre Gaillard Condrieu Blanc "Fleurs d'Automne" 2012



關於Pierre Gaillard

自12歲起,他就在居所附近的田野騎馬翻土。他在 Beaume 修葡萄種植和葡萄酒釀造學,畢業後再於 Montepellier 獲得釀造文憑。他是個 Cote Rotie 高級村落的葡萄田管理者。1981年,他購入了在 Malleval 的 Clos de Cuminailles,1987年,他在中世紀城鎮 Malleval 的上城區開設了自己的生意。於2002 年,他於 Banyuls-sur-Mer 創立了自己的村落Madelo。他於2007,他在Faugères.創立了Cottebrune。

北隆河 AOP Condrieu


100% Viognier

花崗岩分解成的幼沙。面向南面的Côte Bellay和Boissey ,這花崗岩風土能生產豐腴,也能有貴腐菌的Viognier葡萄。理想的秋季條件有利貴腐菌出現,即是日間與晚間的溫度差異,鄰近隆河所以易有晨霧,同時也有日間的陽光。

10 hl/ha


於優質的Allier and Nevers橡木桶陳年6個月。5%新木桶。剩餘糖分200克/升。酒渣仍被保留作陳年。在定時攪拌下,酒渣也被攪起,所以醇化了Viognier突出和油膩的感覺。



About Pierre Gaillard

When he was 12 years old, he was caught plowing a nearby parcel with a horse. He studied Viticulture and Enology in Beaune, and obtained a Graduate Diploma in Winemaking from Montpellier. Vineyard Manager for a highly-regarded estate in Côte-Rôtie. In 1981, he bought his first parcel of land, Clos de Cuminailles in Malleval. In 1987, he established his business in the upper part of the medieval town of Malleval. In 2002, he created the estate of Madeloc in Banyuls-sur-Mer. In 2007, he created the estate of Cottebrune in Faugères.

AOP Condrieu, northern Rhone

Country of Origin:

Grape varieties:
100% Viognier

Fine sand composed of detrital granite. The granite terraces of the parcels of Côte Bellay and Boissey facing directly south offer a terroir producing rich Viognier grapes with noble rot (Botrytis). Ideal autumn conditions favour the development of noble rot: variations in temperature between the day and the night-time, morning fog due to the close proximity of the Rhone and afternoon sunshine.

10 hl/ha

Four handpicked harvests, sorting of the botrytised grapes. Alcoholic fermentation in barrels at a controlled temperature of 15-18°C. The botrytised grapes are harvested on a regular basis, every fortnight from October through to December. Part of the healthy grapes are used in making this late harvest in view of conserving the typical characteristics of the Viognier grape variety. As a result,a subtle mix of botrytised aromas are combined with the fruity and floral aromas of Viognier. The over ripening of the grapes produces acidity balancing out their strong concentration in sugar.

6 months in fine oak from Allier and Nevers. 5% new oak barrels.200 g/l of residual sugar.The lees are preserved during the maturing phase. They are suspended by regular stirring, thereby refining the fleshy adunctuous characteristics of the Viognier from this terroir. 

Tasting Notes:
Generous and fresh.
In autumn, the sun kissed Viognier grapes, full of noble rot, are carefully sorted in view of producing a late harvest Condrieu.

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