Pukka After Dinner Tea 膳後茶



• 茴香籽和洋茴香味道清甜,而且有舒緩功效

• 菊苣營養價值非常豐富而滋養身體

• 荳蔻籽帶有宜人的芳香味道


成分: 烤菊苣根、洋茴香籽、甜茴香籽、甘草根、荳蔻籽、橙皮、薑根

包裝: 每盒20包,每獨立包裝淨重1.8克

A delicious digestif of organic sweet fennel, roasted chicory & cardamom

A wonderfully sumptuous tea for soothing after your meal. First, the luxurious taste of roasted chicory. Next, the calm of cardamom mingling with aniseed, followed by sweet fennel and licorice. You’ll find one slow sip following another. It could be the best course of the evening.

Naturally caffeine-free and ethically sourced, 100% organically grown ingredients: Roasted chicory root, aniseed, sweet fennel seed, licorice root, cardamom pod, orange peel, ginger root.

20 tea sachets individually wrapped for freshness. 1.8 g per sachet.

Category: Organic Tea, PUKKA

Type: Tea

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