Rafael Palacios Louro 2015 (RP:91)



Rafael Palacios 2004 年於 Valdeorras 開展他的全新葡萄酒計劃,由當地農家手中買入老Godello葡萄樹。Godello Valdeorras 本土葡萄品種,為尊重工作所在地獨有性格,Rafael Palacios 本人控制整個造酒過程的每一個步驟,希望可以原原本本的反映當地風土最純淨一面。


92% Godello, 8% Treixadura

葡萄採自他們位於O Bolo市,平均樹齡達20年的自家葡萄園。葡萄經過短暫的浸漬,而汁液則會移至3000公升的法國木缸內發酵,並不添加任何酵母。白酒會在同一木缸內與酒渣一起陳年四個月。




Rafael Palacios began his new wine project in Valdeorras in 2004, purchasing old Godello vineyards from local growers. Godello is the indigenous white grape variety of the Valdeorras region. Rafael Palacios personally controls every step of the wine making process, driven by a high respect for the unique character of the land he works on and the desire to achieve the purest expression of terroir of his wines.

Country of Origin:

Grape Variety:
92% Godello, 8% Treixadura

It's sourced from their own vineyards in the municipality of O Bolo averaging 20 years of age. The grapes had a short maceration in the press and the clean must is transferred to 3,000-liter French oak vats where it ferments without any added yeast. The wine matured in these same containers with the fine lees for four months.

Tasting Notes:
Treixadura adds freshness to the wine, especially in the warm vintage.  The flavors are clean and very focused, persistent thanks to the pungent acidity. It stays in your taste buds for a long time. And the fruitiness of pomelos is outstandingly impressive and stuns your palate.

85,000 bottles produced

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