St Germain Elderflower Liqueur


St-Germain was launched in 2007 by Coopers Spirit Co,[5] a company founded 2006 and headquartered in New York.[6] In 2013, it was sold to Bacardi Ltd., although Robert Cooper of Cooper Spirits agreed to work with Bacardi as a "brand guardian" and spokesperson.

Country of Origin:


Tasting Notes:
Nose: Beautifully floral elderflower with very little alcohol and a pleasant sweetness. Bright and fresh but also satisfyingly pungent.
Neat: Silky smooth elderflower, with just the right amount of sweetness to deliver plenty of flavour but remain clean-tasting with no hint of any cloying finish . A hint of citrus and nut offer greater complexity than might be expected from single-flavour liqueur. Delicious

Category: France, Liqueur, Spirits

Type: Spirits

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