Uvas Felices La Locomotora Crianza 2009 Rioja DOCa


Locomotora是Finca Allende的Miguel Angel de Gregorio與Villa Vineteca擁有者Quim Villa的一個小型合作計劃。他們就是看準了這單一葡萄田(Pagos)的風土質素和葡萄樹齡,本來他們只是由這塊田買入葡萄,但買入整片田地後,產品的延續性和完整性得以保持。之後便在Finca Allende進行釀造、裝瓶和陳年。產品非常純淨、優雅和獨一無二。

Rioja D.O.法律並不准許於酒標上列出城鎮名、葡萄田和葡萄的來源,但我們可以告訴你這是Briones城鎮產品。 Miguel Angel在Quim Villa製作現代風格的Paisajes y Vinedos,但Locomotora卻設定成為經典風格。第一個年份的產品非常出眾,我們相信在José Penin的力讚後,此酒會確立它的地位。

西班牙 Rioja




Locomotora is another tiny joint project between Miguel Angel de Gregorio of the respected Finca Allende and Quim Villa, owner of Villa Vineteca. The original idea was to source the best fruit from single vineyard sites (Pagos) selected for their quality of terroir and age of vines. Originally the grapes were bought in but, the vineyards were subsequently purchased to ensure continuity and integrity. Vinification, bottling and ageing then takes place at Finca Allende. The result is that very pure, elegant and unique wines are produced.

The Rioja D.O. regulations forbid printing the town, the vineyard or origin of the grapes on the label, but we can tell you that this one is in the town of Briones. Miguel Angel makes the more modern style Paisajes y Vinedos wines for Quim Villa , but Locomotora is very much designed in a classical style. The first vintage is fantastic and we suspect will quickly establish itself with great reviews from the likes of José Penin.
Rioja, Spain

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Tasting Notes:
This is a deliciously refined and elegant wine, with super smooth tannins and perfectly balanced oak. It is very much an “old school” Rioja and all the better for it and we think it represents fantastic value, especially when you consider the rarity of it.

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