Vegware 6oz White Hot Cup

現在的咖啡已經愈來愈濃縮,這是一個擁有闊杯邊的咖啡杯。Latte 拉花藝術在更高的espresso中,便更容易倒進牛奶。




認證:BPI 可分解

最低溫度 (°C): 0
最高溫度 (°C): 85

包裝:50 隻 / 包

Coffees are getting smaller and more intense. A wider brim makes for a shorter 6oz cup. Latte art is easier with a taller body of espresso to pour the milk into. This beautiful 6oz white compostable cup is sleek and tapered. 

Uses: Small coffees like a long black or flat white, or hot sauces
Materials: Sustainably sourced board with a cornstarch plastic-free lining
Certification: Compostable under BPI

Min temp (°C): 0
Max temp (°C): 85

Packing : 50 pcs / pack

Category: Eco Tableware, Vegware

Type: Tableware

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