Vegware 7in Bagasse Plate



材料:蔗渣 - 再造蔗

認證:BPI 可分解

最低溫度 (°C):-15
最高溫度 (°C):220 

包裝:50 隻 / 包

 Meet our 7in bagasse plate - the ideal size for a side salad or light bite. Sturdy, stylish and good for hot or cold food they're microwave and freezer safe. Far more sturdy than paper plates, and far less carbon too.

Uses: Side salads or light bites.
Materials: Bagasse - recycled sugarcane
Certification: Compostable under BPI

Min temp (°C): -15
Max temp (°C): 220

Packing: 50 pcs / pack

Category: Eco Tableware, Vegware

Type: Tableware

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