WeightStone Blanc de Blancs (白中白傳統氣泡酒) Extra Brut



2016年春季陽光充足,隨後6月初的正常雨季減緩了炎熱,接著許多晴朗的日子,直到7月中下旬採收。 這個年份,我們混合66%產自二林和后里的契作合作農園的金香以及34%產自埔里自有莊園的木杉,而釀造了這瓶富含我們精彩風土的Extra Brut。

埔里山谷, 台灣

66% 金香葡萄 產自彰化二林與台中后里 45年老藤 傳承三代農家契作
34% 木杉葡萄 產自埔里莊園


生動的慕斯,雅緻的金黃色調,伴隨著濃郁的香料與熱帶水果香氣。 這款葡萄酒具有均衡的明亮酸度,成熟的鳳梨,水梨,桃,荔枝,草本和堅果調性,層層交疊出了一種清脆的難忘印象。


Golden Muscat is Taiwan’s sole traditional white grape that is becoming a rarity in our diminishing vineyard regions. With its early harvest period in Taiwan, we chose the traditional method of sparkling winemaking to elegantly express its myriad of tropical fruits, vintage by vintage.
In the 2016 growing season, the grapes received a good sunny start in the spring, followed by a normal rainy season in early June to slow down the heat, and a finale of many sunny days until harvest in mid-July. For this vintage, we blended 66% Golden Muscat from our grower vineyards in Erlin and Houli and 34% Musann Blanc from our Puli Estate. This produced an Extra Brut that is tantalizing in rich expression of our terroir.

Country of Origin:
Puli Valley, Taiwan

Grape Varieties:
66% Golden Muscat, Erlin and Houli, 45 Years old vines
34% Musann Blanc, Puli vineyard

Methode traditionnelle, bottle fermented, hand riddled.
1,480 bottles handcrafted.

Tasting Notes:
An expressive yet delicate mousse introduces the wine in a golden hue, followed by layers of rich spicy tropical fruit aromas. The wine is textured in a balanced bright acidity, an expanding richness of ripened pineapple, pear, peach, mango, lychee and herbal tones, finishing in a crisp, nutty, lingering impression.
This vintage stands on its own beautifully.
With food pairing, the flavors unfold in sumptuous ways. We enjoy tempura, Asian and South Asian cuisines with various herbs and spices, aged and goat cheese and cured meat.
Suggested serving at 6-8°C with wide champagne glasses.

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