Weingut Immich-Batterieberg "Enkircher Zeppwingert" Riesling 2017 (RP: 95+)


原產地Country of origin:
Enkirch Grand Cru, Mosel, Germany

葡萄品種Grape Varieties:

品酒筆記Tasting Notes:

2017年Enkircher Zeppwingert Riesling 以清澈密集,略帶橡木味的完美成熟的果香作開啟,散發出爽脆、結晶的氣息和非常精細的骨架。 在口感上,濃郁、青蔥、優雅和無盡的鹹味,具有結晶酸度和細膩,由礦物質構成的嚴肅、持久的結構,非常優良的單寧和精美的酸度。 此酒質地細膩無縫,結尾持續散發鹽分和張力。沒有發酵全乾,停在每升11.3克殘糖。 然而,甜味已經完美地融合在一起並保證了很長的陳年潛力。

From 100+-year-old vines on six terraces (the two upper terraces were selected for the reserve wine this vintage), the 2017 Enkircher Zeppwingert Riesling opens with a clear, dense and slightly oaky bouquet of perfectly ripe Riesling fruit and reveals a crunchy, crystalline and very fine backbone. On the palate, this is an intense, lush, elegant and endlessly salty Riesling with crystalline acidity and finesse but also a serious, persistent structure constructed by minerals, very fine tannins and beautifully fine acidity. The wine is highly finessed and seamless in its texture, and the finish continues scattering salt and tension. The 2017 did not ferment to fully dry, stopping at 11.3 grams per liter of residual sugar. However, the sweetness is already perfectly integrated and guarantees very long aging potential.

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