Pichler Krutzler - Wachau, Austria

來自 Wachau 的 Elisabeth Pichler 和來自 Burgenland 的 Erich Krutzler 於 2006 年在Wachau 開設了自己的酒莊,兩夫婦皆來自著名的釀酒家族。Elisabeth Pichler 的父親 F.X. Pichler 是著名奧地利 Riesling 和 Grüner Veltliner 生產者,而 Erich Krutzler 的家族則有長久的 Blaufränkisch 釀造歷史。他們兩夫婦以尊重環境和可持續發展的種植技術為基礎,一起雕琢吸引而又具有靈魂和獨特個性的好酒。

酒莊內所有工序都是延續 Erich Krutzler 於1990 年代定下的標準,那時他為他的家族酒莊在 Südburgenland 生產出色而令人讚歎的葡萄酒,這也是解釋了為何 Burgenland 有 Blaufränkisch 種植,並與那裡的 Riesling 和 Grüner Veltliner 一同生長的原因。

Elisabeth Pichler from the Wachau and Erich Krutzler from the Burgenland founded their own wine estate in the Wachau in 2006. Both husband and wife originated from famous wine-making families. Elisabeth's father F.X. Pichler is a well known Austrian Riesling and Grüner Veltliner producer, and Erich's family has a long history of Blaufränkisch wine making in Burgenland. Together, they craft wines of great soul and individuality, based on a respect for nature and sustainable viticultural practice.
All this is a continuation of the path that Erich Krutzler set out on in the 1990s when he helped his family estate produce outstanding and characterful red wines in the Südburgenland. This is why a Burgenland Blaufränkisch finds its place in the range alongside Riesling and Grüner Veltliner.