Escoda Sanahuja - Conca de Barbera, Catalonia, Spain

Joan Ramón Escoda 和妻子 Carmen Sanahuja 是農夫、葡萄種植者和釀酒師。他們於 1997 年開始農耕,並採用有機方法。由 2003 年開始,他們更決定以生物動力方式進行農作。他們現時是地中海生物動力工作組,及自然葡萄酒製作者(西班牙簡稱 PVN)兩個組織的會員。

Joan Ramón Escoda and his wife Carmen Sanahuja are farmers, wine growers and wine makers. They started off in farming back in 1997, using organic farming methods. From 2003 onwards, they decided to apply biodynamic farming methods to their land.
They are currently members of the Mediterranean Biodynamic Work Group, as well as of the association for Natural Wine Producers (abbreviated to PVN in Spanish).