Ferrer Bobet

Sergi Ferrer-Salat (Left) & Raul Bobet

Sergi Ferrer-Salat 是帶領西班牙製藥業巨頭組織 GRUPO FERRER INTERNACIONAL 的人馬,組織提供包括規定處方藥、醫院設備、個人化藥物、疫苗、消費者保健、優質化學品、食品和飼料等。
Raul Bobet 曾任西班牙 Torres 的總釀酒師 / 葡萄種植師及環球 CEO,而 Ferrer Bobet 則是他的第一個個人計劃。

Ferrer Bobet 就是結合了兩個對世界和葡萄酒文化都有熱情的朋友,體現了他們對 Priorat 經濟和社會發展的承諾他們的項目於2002年開始並於2008年首次推出他們的兩款葡萄酒他們最初推出的葡萄酒,是採用了種植在 Priorat 最優質葡萄園內百年樹齡老 Carignan 和 Grenache,獲得推崇,其後推出的 Seleccio Especial 更成為日本著名漫畫《神之水滴》的第 11 門徒

Sergi Ferrer-Salat is a tycoon leading a Spanish pharmaceutical giant organisation 'GRUPO FERRER INTERNACIONAL', which provides prescription drugs, hospital equipment, personalised medicines, vaccines, consumer healthcare, fine chemicals, food and feed.

Raul Bobet was the chief winemaker / oenologist and global CEO of Torres, Spain. This Ferrer Bobet is his first solo project.

Ferrer Bobet is the result of a passion for the world and culture of wine of the two friends, and reflects their commitment to the economic and social development of Priorat.  Their project was started in 2002, and in 2008 their first two wines were released. For their initial wines, Ferrer Bobet have used hundred-year-old Carignane and Grenache vines planted on some of the best vineyards in Priorat, and welcome by many wine lovers, their Seleccio Especial even became the 11th apostle in the Japanese comics 'Drops of God'.