Capaia - Philadelphia, South Africa

Ingrid Baroness von Essen & Alexander Baron von Essen


Alexander Baron 一早已於商界中售賣他獨家葡萄酒而取得名聲,但他和妻子於 1997 年買入自己的葡萄園,以實踐夢想。在兩年多一點後,他們於開普敦北面的 Philadelphia 找到 Capaia 的葡萄園。在分析土壤後證明該處絕對種植葡萄,他邀請了匈牙利葡萄種植家兼 2005 年獲提名最佳釀酒師的 Tibor Gál 擔任顧問,並帶領葡萄園和酒窖的發展。

投資保加利亞Domaine Bessa Valley並得到極大成功後,Stephan von Neipperg 即Saint Emilion Chateau Canon la Gaffelière 和La Mondotte莊主,於 2015 年投資了這個酒莊,Capaia集中出產波爾多風格紅酒和高品質Sauvignon Blanc. 他們的波爾多風格Capaia One是一款十分平衡竹旳高階紅酒,而Sauvignon Blanc則充滿風情,融合優雅酸度。

South Africa, a wine region that may have been constantly overlooked by Hong Kong people. Local varieties such as Pinotage, or powerful wines are just only part of the specialties from the region, and there are a lot to delve deeper.

Alexander Baron had already made a name for himself in trading exclusive wines as he and his wife fulfilled their dream of owning their own vineyard in 1997. Within a little more than two years he founds the Capaia vineyard in the town of Philadelphia north of Cape Town almost out of nothing. Soil analyses had confirmed assumptions that the soils of the “de Hoop farm”, a former wheat and fruit farm, are perfect for vine growing. Baron von Essen enlists the Hungarian oenologist Tibor Gál – nominated as winemaker of the year in 2005 – as an advisor to help him with the development of the vineyard and the cellar equipment.

After investing in Domaine Bessa Valley in Bulgaria and received huge success, Stephan von Neipperg, owner of classified Saint Emilion estates Chateau Canon la Gaffelière and La Mondotte, has taken a stake in this winery. Capaia focuses on producing Bordeaux styled red and high quality Sauvignon Blanc. The Bordeaux style Capaia One is a well balanced high class lovely red wine, while the Sauvignon Blanc is exotic with well integrated acidity.