Cal Raspallet - Penedes, Catalonia, Spain

Enric Soler 可算是 Xarel.lo 葡萄的王者。他仔細、典雅的葡萄酒,是來自由家族擁有,差不多是世上樹齡最老的 Xarel.lo 葡萄果實。他於 2003 年得到第一塊土地,此後他便拚命釀造他認為質素最佳的酒。

他在酒窖中是簡約主義者,盡力讓葡萄反映生長當地美麗的特質。自他的第一個年分酒即 2004 年開始,他的酒為經典落下定義,也把 Xarel.lo 提升成為世界級葡萄品種。此後,他的酒便成為葡萄酒飲家趨之若鶩的產品。

Enric Soler is known as the king of Xarel.lo. His subtle, elegant wine is the fruit of a family plot of some of the oldest Xarel.lo vines in the world. His first plot of land was acquired in 2003 and he has always been working hard to produce the wine that he believes which is the best using Xarel.lo.

He is a minimalist in the cellar, leaving the grapes to reflect their beautiful provenance. Since his first vintage in 2004, Enric’s wines have defined classic, and helped establish Xarel.lo’s reputation as a world-class varietal, as his products have been very popular ever since.