Castell d’Encús 全新力作

日本漫畫《神之水滴》第11門徒Ferrer Bobet Seleccio Especial釀酒師Raul Bobet經常挑戰難度,令人意想不到,同時追求和諧平衡也是他的恆常目標,他的私人計劃Castell d’Encús便出產超越人們期望的美酒。

最近加入SENS,來自Castell d’Encús的TAIKA是一瓶由在西班牙並不常見的葡萄Sauvignon Blanc和Semillon釀製而成的汽泡酒,它有極強的桃子水果味、新鮮度和礦物感,非常易入口,同時又可欣賞其浪漫的汽泡!

另外他的 100% Albarino Club.E,沒有加入任何二氧化硫、極罕有的 -SO2 也是 Raul 的精心傑作!


Raul Bobet, the winemaker who is responsible for the emergence of ‘Ferrer Bobet Seleccio Especial’, the 11th Apostle in the Japanese comics ‘Drops of God’ always like challenges and equilibrium is one of his important goals, his private project Castell d’Encús produces amazing wines that surpasses people’s expectations.

Our newest member from Castell d’Encús, TAIKA, is a sparkling wine made from Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, these non-typical grapes in Spain provide loads of fruitiness, freshness and minerality which are very pleasant to drink, its bubbles are of course very romantic to experience too!

At the same time, please don't miss out Raul's 100% Albarino Club.E, and super rare, sulphur dioxide free -SO2 !

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