Domaine de l'Hortus

於 70年代 Jean Orliac 蒙彼利埃農學院畢業。他熱愛攀石、高山和荒野土地然後他發現 Hortus 及 Pic Saint Loup 懸崖形成了 Fambétou coomb 的圍。在那裡,他發現被遺棄地塊休耕似乎很明顯他認為這些碎石覆蓋的斜坡巨大潛力,因此有人說憑著莫大的熱情,卻完全沒有為自己名字賺到一分一毫一個故事便誕生了。

1973年,Jean 娶了 Marie Thérèse 為妻子,和辭去他的學者工作,謹慎的Jean開始了他的釀酒事業。在 1980 年,他在他購入的 50 公頃葡萄園附近建造自己的房子,就在 Hortus 庇蔭下。

經過十年歲月他的技能得以磨練,同時通過了自己對質素的要求,Jean 於1990 年推出了第一個商業年分酒,那時酒莊的創新、全木製酒窖的建設亦在進行中,並於1995年完成。這家酒廠,代表創新和忠於自然,還實在地顯示了「征服者的意志」,一直拼命發揮周圍的潛力,實現 Jean 的引人注目的釀酒願景。因此,毋容置疑,他的旗艦酒很快就會在 Pic Saint Loup 產區獲得「特級」地位,也是在朗格多克的第一。

During the 1970s, Jean Orliac had graduated from Montpellier's Agricultural College. He was a huge lover of rock climbing, high mountains and wild land. Then he discovered the Hortus and Pic Saint Loup cliffs forming a belt around the little Fambétou coomb. All he found were abandoned land parcels and fallow ground, yet it seemed obvious to him that these scree covered slopes had huge potential. Thus it was that with huge enthusiasm, but with hardly a cent to his name, a story was born.

After marrying his wife Marie Thérèse and having left his job in academics, in 1973 the pair threw caution to the wind and Jean began his winemaking career. In 1980 the family built their own house near their recently purchased 50 hectares of vineyard, under the shadow of the Hortus.

It was not until ten years of honing his skills and perfecting his wines had passed that Jean’s staunch commitment to quality allowed him to release the estate’s first commercial vintage release in 1990. By this time construction of their strikingly innovative, entirely wooden winery was underway. Completed in 1995, this winery, representing both innovation and a loyalty to nature, also graphically shows the ‘conqueror’s will’ to harness the potential of their surroundings to fulfil Jean’s compelling winemaking vision. It is therefore unsurprising that the flagship wines of his estate have led the campaign which will soon have the Pic Saint Loup appellation classified as “Grand Cru” status, the first in the Languedoc.