Tulloch - Hunter Valley, Australia

John Younie (Jay) Tulloch (JYT)

1965 年,Hector Tulloch 逝世而 J.Y. Tulloch & Sons P/L 便於 1969 年第一次賣予家族之的人。1973 年 Jay Tulloch 成為了 Southcorp 總經理,但他其後在跨國公司感到厭倦並退休下來,並於 1997 年和妻子創立了 JYT Wine Company。到了 2001 年他遇到一個可以買回家族公司 J.Y. Tulloch & Sons P/L 的機會,他無法抗拒之餘,也有長時間的商業拍檔支持,J.Y. Tulloch & Sons P/L 的新時代展開,Jay 再一次掌舵。

身為澳洲葡萄酒界受尊重的人物,Jay Tulloch 一直繼續其家族長久以來,賴以誇口的葡萄種植傳統,並為塑造 Hunter 產區作出貢獻,他於 2009 年獲得 Hunter Valley Living Legend 稱號。

In 1965 Hector Tulloch passed away and in 1969 J.Y. Tulloch & Sons P/L was sold outside of the family for the first time. In 1973 Jay Tulloch became General Manager where he remained until he tired of life in a large multinational company and retired from Southcorp and started the JYT Wine Company in 1997 with his wife.  In 2001 the opportunity arose to buy back the old family company, J.Y. Tulloch & Sons P/L and unable to resist and with interest from long term business associates, the new era of J.Y. Tulloch & Sons began, with Jay once again at its helm.

A respected member of the Australian wine industry, Jay Tulloch has continued his families’ proud tradition of viticulture and has contributed enormously to the shaping of the Hunter region along the way.  He was inducted as a Hunter Valley Living Legend in 2009.