Clos de Trias Vieilles Vignes 2007



在2007年,這幾批葡萄被分開了,人手採摘(和莊內其他主要葡萄一樣)的6批幾乎全是Grenache於兩個小缸內發酵,第一缸的25%是保留了梗,包括 L’Aube和Champ Paga。保留枝梗是古老技術,如果運用得準確,會為酒帶來很好的複雜度和結構。這批葡萄和皮一起發酵42天。

另一缸會被100%除梗,而這批發酵會包括非常小量來自Les Grand Terres的老Syrah,而Grenache則來自Les Grand Terres和Le Jas。連皮浸漬時間總計47天。


南隆河 AOC Ventoux


96% Grenache Noir , 4% Syrah




One of the key “gifts” of our domaine is the age of the vines. On average, they are 40+ years old. In addition, a few parcels that are 65+ years old were also used. These are mostly old-vine Grenache but a bit of Syrah too.
In 2007, these parcels were set apart: hand-harvested (like all the grapes in the same winery) 6 parcels of nearly just Grenache was fermented in two smaller tanks. With the first tank, 25% stems are retained. The parcels included L’Aube and Champ Paga. Retaining stems is an ancient technique, when executed precisely, adds tremendous complexity and a structure. This fermentation was left “on skins” for 42 days.
The second tank, 100% destemmed and this fermentation included the tiny bit of old-vine Syrah from Les Grand Terres and Grenache also from Les Grand Terres and Le Jas. The total maceration (time on skins) was 47 days.
The élevage, or ageing, was mostly in “normal” tanks. 30% of the wine was aged in 600 & 700 litre French oak barrels for about 8 months. Why 8 months? These were new barrels and though slow “oxidation” of the wine aged in barrels (wood is porous and therefore “breathes”) the wine maker did not like the powerful flavours imparted especially by new oak barrels. So 8 months allowed for the benefits of the slow oxidation (benefits like expanding the “texture” of the wine) but just a tiny bit of spicy notes from the barrels. After the 8 months, the master blend further aged the wine in tank until bottling in June, 2010.


AOC Ventoux, southern Rhone

Country of Origin:

Grape Varieties:
96% Grenache Noir , 4% Syrah

Age of Vines:
60 to +75 years old

Tasting Notes:
A beguiling nose of pure, crushed raspberry and minerals with hints of blackcurrant and blueberry. Succulent and deep with a developing smokiness. Low acidity, low tannins. Rich, port-like black cherry along with pithy raspberry fruit. Lightly mineral with a wonderful balancing acidity. Stunning depth, multi-layered with a long wood spiced finish.

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