Castell d'Encus

釀酒師 Raul Bobet 曾在葡萄園工作多年,是位葡萄酒夢想家,他這個私人計劃以釀製有個人獨特風格的新鮮葡萄酒。居住於周圍有著驚人景觀的靜謐環境,這種個人經驗也是同樣重要。資料搜集、追求完美和沉迷,一直和將會是酒莊的重心。此計劃不會完結,只要一天還有夢想。

The winemaker Raul Bobet is a dreamer with years of experience in the vineyard and in the wine project aims to make reality a project of fresh wines with personality. Same important is the personal experience of living in an environment of silence, in an energetic surrounding with spectacular views. Research, perfectionism and rapture are and will be virtues and also defects associated with Castell d'Encus. The project of developing a single wine does not end ever, and here lies the dream.