Castell d'Encus (世界唯一沿用古代石窟發酵葡萄酒) - Costers del Segre, Catalonia, Spain


對東方哲學抱有研究的釀酒師Raul Bobet,以崇尚自然的態度,釀造了意境深遠,卻又帶有玄念,仿如他個人性格的佳釀,尤如說故事分享給大眾。

 2001年,為了對抗氣候變化對釀酒業造成的影響,Raul BobetPyreness山脈海拔1000尺高的人跡罕至處,找到一座被世人遺忘,900年內一直沉睡於這裡的廢棄古堡。在他設罝好木桶及不鏽鋼等釀酒設備時,卻發現這座桃源般的古堡內,竟保存著多個十二世紀僧侶留下來的小教堂及石窖發酵缸。充滿冒險精神的Raul Bobet把這些中世紀人工挖掘的石窖復活起來,釀出極有性格的佳釀。例如以石窖混合木桶發酵的紅酒“Quest”,仿佛就是釀酒人自己的寫照,不斷追尋釀出絕世佳釀的方法。

 Castell d’ Encus極注重與自然關係,以有機方法種植葡萄,不用殺蟲藥及除草劑。返璞歸真有如道家「道法自然」,順應自然的哲學觀。高地的氣候較清涼,也令他們釀出典雅細緻的葡萄酒。而他們每年只造不多於6000箱酒,重質不重量。

 釀酒師Raul Bobet憑著他在Torres酒莊工作多年的經驗,以及他簡居於山林靜謐環境的體會,實現他多年的夢想:造出性格獨特的葡萄酒,每一瓶意境都仿如枯山靜水般深遠,耐人尋味。他認為只要有生一天,釀造絕世佳釀的夢想永不磨滅。

 Winemaker Raul Bobet, who is obsessed with oriental philosophy, created wines with his own personality and in-depth artistic conception thanks to his respect for the nature. His wine is like telling stories to the wine-lovers.

 In 2001, in order to fight against the negative impact of climate change, Raul Bobet was in search for a wonderland, where he can achieve his dream of making wines with character. At 1000 feets above sea level in Catalan Pyrenees region, he found a forgotten castle. The castle lied in the untraversed forest for 900 years. But the new owner of the abandoned castle would have never imagined that the castle would welcome him with gifts: fermenting grapes vats carved into the rocks by the monks in the 12th Century. The adventurous winemaker revived the grape vats and made characteristic wines. For example, fermented in rock vat and barrels, their red wine “Quest” depicts the dream of the winery’s owner: to quest himself to make the best wines.

 Castell d’ Encus places much emphasis on the relationship with the nature. They do not us any herbicide, insecticide and fungicide, except those permitted in organic agriculture. Their way of wine making conforms well to the nature. With the cooler climate in the high-altitude region, they successfully gave birth to soft and elegant wines. Every year they produced not more than 6000 cases of wine as they weigh quality more than quantities.

 With the help of years of vineyard experiences in Torres winery, and his life living in an environment of silence and in an energetic surrounding with spectacular views, Raul Bobet’s dream of making impressive wines comes true. Evey bottle of wine from Castell d’Encus was inspiring and intriguing, giving deep impression to drinkers at every different moment. The passionate wine maker believes the project of developing a single wine does not end ever, and here lies the dream.

Drink in peace.