Champagne Victoire


同樣出自Champagne Group G.H. Martel “Victoire”即是勝利的意思。如何釀造一支勝利的香檳?除了要有優秀的技術,也要配合天時地利。而2008年的釀酒季,就為Champagne Victoire 提供了優秀的天時地利。2008年氣侯起初較為嚴峻,但由盛夏開始,8月乾燥的天氣與溫曖的9月令葡萄熟成期變得緩慢而穩定。而到了9月下旬收成期,白天陽光充沛而晚上變得清涼。各種氣侯條件平均,令出產的葡萄平衡度高,得以釀造Champagne Victoire Fut De Chene Brut 2008這支勝利的香檳。金色限量版手製瓶身正好反映年份佳釀大方高雅氣質。

Also from Champagne Group G.H. Martel, “Victoire” means “victory”. How to make a bottle of victorious Champagne? In addition to the brilliant wine-making skills, the weather conditions also play a crucial part. 2008 was definitely a great quality year with equilibrium. The initially difficult year turned the table in summer. The drier conditions in August and a fine, warm September helped to bring an excellent slow maturation of grapes. During the harvest in late September, the sunny weather with cold nights supported the quality of the grapes. In an equal year, the grapes were well balanced and perfect for making a victorious Champagne, Champagne Victoire Fut De Chene Brut 2008. The limited edition of hand-made golden bottle goes well with the elegance and privilege of a vintage Champagne.